Thermoset: Blending Tradition with New Technology

No company offers a greater breadth of thermoset molding processes, combined with technical expertise, than Techniplas. Whatever you need—parts with stringent tolerances; heat, chemical and creep resistance; dielectric properties; great aesthetics; and the toughest operating requirements—you’ll find the right solution here.

Processes include injection, compression/transfer and hybrid variations, on presses ranging from 55 to 800 tons. Our company’s proven thermoset expertise—a tradition that goes back to the 1950s—is supported by innovative technologies including:

  • Scientific Molding methods that pay close attention to the material in your process, through RJG and other monitoring technology, to maintain the most consistent, repeatable process.
  • Dielectric Cure Sensing a leading-edge technique to monitor what’s happening to the material in the mold at all times, maximizing precision, speeding cycle time and getting high-quality products to market faster than ever.

Customers also turn to us for in-house engineering services, tooling and a full complement of value-added manufacturing operations including vendor managed inventory (VMI), for a one-stop solution that improves their whole product.