Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH (formerly GfO – Gesellschaft für Oberflächentechnik) stands for state-of-the-art technical and optical surface enhancements. It coats plastic moldings with metals, oxides and transparent coatings – also selectively. Our site in Schwäbsich Gmünd specializes primarily in the two following areas.

Conductive shielding coatings on plastic components against electromagnetic interference (ELAMET)

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Scratch-resistant plastic coatings that are resistant to environmental influences and chemicals or that impart reflection-reducing properties to components (SICRALAN)

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Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH is part of the internationally active Techniplas Group, whose core product lines include precision components and modules for the automotive industry, advanced lighting applications, and mechatronic and decorative solutions.

Our customers thus benefit not only from our extensive know-how in the field of decorative and functional surface finishing, but also from our full-service offering in the production of advanced and technically complex plastic components. We accompany our customers from a wide range of industries from the design and pre-development phase through to series production readiness and are at their side as an invation partner throughout the entire development process.

PVD – Shielding and conductivity
Electromagnetic shielding through metallization

As a specialist in dealing with EMC problems, Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH offers its customers a large plant capacity and the combinability of customer-specific masking technology. With our qualified development and application technologies and comprehensive process know-how, we support you in the implementation of individual solutions and advise you on the selection of plastics, masking options, EMC testing and the creation of logistics and packaging concepts.

Our Elamet shielding layers consist of metals with high electrical conductivity, which forms a barrier against high-frequency interference radiation and ensures the electromagnetic compatibility of devices with plastic housings.

Aluminum layers as well as layer combinations of copper with e.g. tin or nickel chrome prove themselves in a multitude of applications for housing shielding. ITO coatings (indium tin oxide coatings) are available for the combination of optical traasparency and electrical conductivity.

Our portfolio includes the following ELAMET coatings

ELAMET 250 to 1000 ensures the electromagnetic shielding of plastic housings in terms of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Thin layers of aluminum guarantee very good shielding values thanks to their high electrical conductivity. ELAMET coatings exhibit optimum adhesion and layering properties on almost all plastics and maintain the elasticity and impact strength of the plastic.

An additional protective layer brings improved long-term stability, this combination is called ELAMET 250 P to 1000 P. The transparent top layer protects the aluminum layers from moisture and against fingerprints.

With ELAMET CS, copper is used as the metallic conductor. The overlying tin layer enables direct soldering of the metallized surface. This makes it possible to produce durable contacts that are insensitive to vibration. The tin also protects the copper surface, making the ELAMET layer particularly corrosion-resistant.

ELAMET CN protects components exposed to very aggressive media or used in industrial atmospheres and creates a particularly hard surface. With ELAMET CN, the high conductivity of copper is combined with the hardness of nickel chrome or stainless steel.

With ELAMET D, high-quality decorative technical aluminum coatings can be realized, for example the mirroring of reflectors or semi-transparent day-night mirroring. Consumer and durable goods are also finished with ELAMET D according to customer requirements.

ELAMET gold we offer decorative coating with fine gold – 24 carat.

ELAMET trans is a transparent conductive shielding made of a stable metal oxide (Indium Tin Oxide – ITO). This coating has high transparency for visible light and high reflectivity in the far infrared range. It dissipates electrostatic charges and shields against electromagnetic interference.

In addition to the ELAMET trans coating on the inside of a transparent plastic component, a SICRALAN layer can be applied to the outside. This gives electromagnetically shielded displays scratch-resistant and, if desired, reflection-reducing properties.

Properties and functions
of our EMC coatings

Production capacities

Thousands of components are manufactured daily on state-of-the-art process platforms and tens of thousands of square meters of surface area are refined into high-tech surfaces on automated wet-chemical production systems and PVD coating lines.

Whether it’s coatings with nanomaterials, the vapor deposition of surfaces in wages to shield plastic housings from electromagnetic radiation, or the painting and finishing of plastics with chromium-(VI)-free coatings – we will be happy to advise you and work with you to plan the best possible selection of materials, coating types, or the additional application of protective coatings so that your product represents added value for the end customer.

Application areas ELAMET


Decisive factors for the functionality of filigree, thin-walled and soldered components in the communications and mobile communications sector are fracture-proof materials, low weight, high resilience to vibrations and electromagnetic shielding.


Automation, networking and modular design determine production processes. For smooth operation and control of tools and machines, it is also necessary to have an environment that is free of electromagnetic interference.

Automotive engineering

Electromagnetic interference fields pose a major problem for the electronic control of many vehicle functions in modern automotive engineering. With our EMC coatings in housings, we protect the functionality of various devices and thus also the safety of passengers.

Medical technology

In hardly any other field are the functionality and reliability of devices as significant as in medicine. Optimum surface coating significantly increases the utility value and long-term stability of medical devices with plastic surfaces and protects measuring and analysis functions.

Building services engineering

In modern buildings and so-called smart homes, more and more functions are being monitored and controlled electronically – be it fire, intrusion and motion detectors or household appliances. With our coatings, we ensure compliance with EMC regulations.

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    Transparency and Scratch Resistance
    Multifunctional scratch-resistant systems for molded plastic parts

    As an expert in the technical and optical enhancement of surfaces, Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH advises and supports you with regard to plastic selection, coating processes, injection molding, and the creation of logistics and packaging concepts. SICRALAN coatings give components added functional and aesthetic value, such as scratch resistance, UV, chemical and weathering resistance, reflection reduction and freedom from fogging. Other coatings from the ELAMET range complement these properties with transparency and electrical conductivity, metallic decor and semi-transparent (day-night design) or full mirroring.

    SICRALAN coatings are applied over the entire surface or selectively under cleanroom conditions by flood, spray or inkjet printing, and in the case of inkjet printing even without masking. The coating is applied to clear or colored substrates without affecting substrate properties such as impact strength and transparency. The choice of coating systems and application technology is based on the application area of the parts to be coated and is adapted to the substrate types.

    For further processing, such as decorative metallization and screen printing, Techniplas Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH offers support, either by supplying pre-coated molded parts or by providing processing know-how.

    Our portfolio includes the following SICRALAN coatings

    Scratch-resistant SICRALAN MRL and MRL UV surfaces made of thermally or UV-cured coatings increase the surface hardness, UV, weathering and chemical resistance of the components and intensify the deep gloss of colored parts. The higher mechanical load-bearing capacity and ease of cleaning improve the assembly and usage properties.

    The hydrophilic properties of SICRALAN AF surfaces prevent condensation from forming droplets on plastic components and thus reducing their transparency. The AF coating is used exclusively on the inside of encapsulated components such as instruments or headlights to permanently prevent fogging

    SICRALAN DHC surfaces also have reflection-reducing properties and reduce unwanted reflections on displays and instrument consoles.

    Scratch-resistant anti-fingerprint coating on matte PVD surfaces or matte metal surfaces (plastic electroplating, stainless steel, aluminum).

    Application areas SICRALAN


    The demands on weight and surface resistance are particularly high for portable communication devices. Surface hardness, reflection reduction, break resistance and scratch resistance make SICRALAN coated plastics the ideal material for components in communications technology.


    Our coatings give display covers on production equipment an extended lifespan and increase the visibility of data through scratch resistance and reflection reduction.

    Automotive engineering

    Lightweight, accident-proof plastics are essential in automotive engineering. SICRALAN coatings harden surfaces, provide scratch resistance, UV stability, deep gloss and resistant protection against dirt, fogging and weather conditions on headlights, windows, body panels and panels in the vehicle interior.

    Medical technology

    The sterilization of plastic components and surfaces of medical devices is made possible by a seamless transparent coating with SICRALAN. In addition to increased resistance to chemicals and dirt, this also leads to increased scratch resistance and a reduction in reflection, which makes it easier to read displays.

    Building services engineering

    If household appliances have displays and operating surfaces made of transparent plastics, our SICRALAN coatings increase their scratch resistance and make them less sensitive to cleaning agents. SICRALAN also gives high-quality plastic furniture satin surfaces and makes them more resistant to scratches and cleaning agents.

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