The next level in painting technology.

  • Ecofriendly/ sustainable / CO₂ reducing
  • Injection molding and painting in one single process step
  • New design possibilities
  • Durable and resistant to scratches, light and weather
  • Minimal wall thickness
  • Cost efficient and resource saving process
  • Famous customers worldwide already use ColorFuse™ applications from Techniplas

Smart solutions for your surface application

Automotive Interior

Automotive Exterior

Health care / Kitchen / Multimedia

What is the advantage
compared to other processes or materials?

Several colors, varying surface textures, clear coat surfaces  with depth effects, partial textures, designer lines, lettering and much more. And the time needed to change colors is much shorter compared to conventional processes. The paint is also resistant against climatic and environmental effects such as UV radiation.

Techniplas Design and Engineering Expertise

The ColorFuse process in the tool cavity imposes some geometric constraints on the design and development of the component. This is where the our Product Management and TVC (Testing & Validation Center) can offer an ideal platform for pre-trials or development projects.

Environmental Sustainability

This aspect is important to us. Firstly, the applied reactive paint is solvent-free. And painting in the injection molding tool will produce no over-spray with its excess consumption and laborious disposal. Energy consumption is also clearly reduced compared to conventional painting facilities.