An Integrated proprietary manufacturing process of injection molding and painting for direct fabrication and surface coloring, creating durable exterior and interior parts with high-gloss, scratch resistant surfaces. No post processing and fewer logistics to manage.

Why ColorFuseTM?

Compared to conventional painting, ColorFuseTM offers:

  • High-gloss, scratch resistant surfaces
  • Novel options for design flexibility including elegant 
 surface aesthetics and logo depiction
  • Quick production with a wide range of variations
  • An integrated technology into existing manufacturing process, with no investment in complex painting lines and further minimizes logistics costs

What is the advantage compared to other process or materials?

Several colors, varying surface textures, clear coat surfaces with depth effects, partial textures, designer lines, lettering and much more. And the time needed to change colors is much shorter compared to conventional processes. Unlike genuine metal surfaces, ColorFusemetal effect surfaces are largely scratch resistant. Furthermore, the paint is also resistant against climatic and environmental effects such as UV radiation.

How does the process work?

Independent of the carrier material, a molded part will be flow-coated with a polyurea reactive lacquer whilst still in the multi-component tool, to then leave the mold in the desired color with no extension to the injection molding cycle.

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