Setting the Standard in High-Quality Tooling

Like you, we know that it all starts with a high quality tool.  We like to say that “the mold is gold”.  Techniplas has in house tool and die centers. We know that quality products begin with quality thermoplastic and thermoset tooling. Our tooling heritage is honored by a staff of journeymen toolmakers on site to build, maintain, rebuild and alter both thermoplastic and thermoset molds.

You get significant total-design advantages when you turn to our Moldflow® certified engineers, who use software simulations to evaluate, prevent and fix potential problems in mold design. Details such as part geometry, material selection, gating method, gating location, cooling line locations and steel types are analyzed to eliminate manufacturing issues before they arise.

Customers come to us with even the most complex tool or tightest timeline. And through our in-house capabilities as well as strategic domestic and international relationships, we deliver.

When you need to transfer tools, you can benefit from the broad expertise we bring to our Total Transformation tool transfer program.

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