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One of the biggest and most unique advantages you get with Techniplas is world-class material lab and  services.

You might turn to our team for failure analysis—what went wrong and how to solve the problem. Customers in a variety of industries also count on us for complicated reverse engineering challenges.

Most often, we get involved early in the design process, while the part is still in the concept stage. That’s when our broad, practical knowledge of polymer behavior, part design and both thermoplastic and thermoset molding becomes most valuable.

No other molder can match the expertise and proven track record of our lab in pinpointing just the right material and process for any given product—saving lots of time and money and optimizing quality.

Material Analysis Capabilities

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

  • Provides performance at temperature
  • Predicts long-term mechanical performance at application conditions

Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

  • Measures coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Measures dimensional stability in different environments

Modulated and Standard Differential Scanning Calorimetry (MDSC & DSC)

  • Identifies material composition and structure
  • Checks for contamination
  • Measures softening temperatures, crystallinity

Tensile, Flexural, and Compression Testing from -200ºF to +600ºF
Impact Testing from -200ºF to +400ºF
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

  • Identifies material composition
  • Confirms filler content
  • Measures thermal stability of material

Infrared Spectroscopy

  • Identifies material composition and structure
  • Detects contamination
  • Detects degradation and other chemical changes

Metal Flow Rate Testing

  • Confirms incoming material specifications
  • Checks for polymer degradation

Environmental Testing

  • Stress crack testing assessments
  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Accelerated weathering testing
  • Heat aging and cold temperature exposure
  • Thermal cycling

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