High Precision Manufacturing

High Precision Manufacturing2018-11-28T15:55:42-06:00

Techniplas produces and develops high precision and high quality components delivered worldwide for a variety of industrial applications. We work with high performance thermoplastics and thermoset materials including:

  • High performance thermoplastics : PPS GF or CF, PEEK, PEI, PA, POM
  • Thermoset: Phenolic resins reinforced glass fiber, glass bead and graphite

Large Quantities, Made to Last

High precision and tight tolerance manufacturing enables large quantity production with quality made to last.

Techniplas produces more than 20 million of the Impeller assemblies at a thickness tolerance of +/_ 0.004mm per year.

The pump housing is manufactured in quantities of 6 millions per year, in a raw Phenolic resin and at a precision pocket of just a few microns.

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