Advanced Injection Molding

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Techniplas believes in innovative applications of tooling, technology, and materials to provide solutions to your most challenging engineering problems utilizing a variety of advanced molding technologies. Truly a pioneer in plastics, Techniplas continues to refine its core technologies and processes for design, manufacturing and program execution. Today, the potential applications for multi-functional, multi-material plastics components are limited only by imagination.

Ideas for new or improved products are converted into realities by the Techniplas Development team. This process is enabled by our highly advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and our advanced injection molding processes. The combination of different materials – elastomeric and non-elastomeric – and advanced manufacturing processes enables us to produce novel solutions utilizing the latest technologies and design.


  • Mechatronic
  • MuCell & Thin Wall Technology
  • Rotational Mold Technology
  • Index Plate Technology
  • In-Mold Metallic Decorations
  • 2k, 3k, and 4k Injection Molding
  • Core Back Technology
  • Gas Assist Molding
  • Multi-shot Molding
  • Plastic Overmolding
  • Injection Compression Molding
  • Plastics & Metals to Plastics

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