Techniplas Core


Setting the Pace

We are a first mover catalyst to our customers, delivering mission-critical products at a pace and scale to enhance their market leadership.

We understand what makes the world move, and we have the experienced teams and required manufacturing assets to rapidly deploy successful global programs.

Sharing the Knowledge

We are combining complex manufacturing capabilities with sensoring and deep learning to deliver a new breed of adaptive cognitive systems that are adaptive for more efficient and personalized driving experience.

Products like our Active Grille Shutters enhance fuel efficiency with aerodynamics. Our Air Water Separators contain adaptive technology that actively monitor the co2 levels in the cockpit and number of passengers and dynamically improves cabin air. All our cognitive products provide for a better overall user experience.

Every new product we deliver, is elevating the level of vehicle efficiency and safety through our cognitive connected technologies and capabilities.


Innovative Materials With A Healthier Approach

Techniplas examines not just the part needs, but the end use application – uncovering ways to reduce cycle times, consolidate supply chain, eliminate steps, and achieve our mutual goals.

Our products help to reduce CO2 emissions and provide for significant increase in fuel efficiency, while delivering a healthier combination of air in the cockpit for active driving and overall health and safety.



Highly Customized And Personalized

Alongside color, shape and material, lighting design is increasingly employed to position leading brands and clearly distinguish one vehicle from another. The car is now an extension of personal brand.



Integrated, Simplified Manufacturing

An Integrated proprietary manufacturing process of injection molding and painting for direct fabrication and surface coloring, creating durable exterior and interior parts with high-gloss, scratch resistant surfaces. No post processing and fewer logistics to manage.



Realizing Mass Reduction

Our lightweighting solutions are based on combining years of DFM design and tool simulation with cutting-edge optimization software that delivers significant mass reduction, weight savings and performance improvement. By leveraging new materials science and a world-class team of passionate engineers who are looking for ways that take product lightweighting to the next level, we are reinventing how lightweighting is done.


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