Techniplas expands global e-manufacturing capabilities with 25 Prime Partners and new Open Innovation Program partners.

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Techniplas unveils its first ever showcase vehicle at CES 2018. The vehicle features lightweight, 3D printed functional parts and a solar roof powered by cognitive lighting.

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At CES 2017, Techniplas debuts state of the art exterior lighting technology on the new Faraday Future FF91. Techniplas Digital is launched in Ventura, CA, which drives digital transformation with its Open Additive Manufacturing Center. Techniplas expands global footprint with [...]

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Techniplas kicks off a global rebrand, unifying its legacy brands under "One Techniplas" with a Massive Transformative Purpose of "Making the Connected World."

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Acquisition of NYX Inc.’s Fort Wayne business in Indiana, which primarily makes brake reservoirs and surge tanks. Cape Town facility opens in South Africa. ColorFuse technology is exhibited at the K-Fair in Germany.

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Techniplas acquires Nyloncraft, a long term supplier of strategic components and modules to the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.

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Weidmann expands their lighting competency by acquiring lighting simulation software in order to start production of the first lighted sill plates. Dickten Masch Plastics is acquired by Techniplas.

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