We Are Makers

At our core, we are shapers and makers of intuitive and practical human-to-machine interfaces.

We have been making mission critical components for decades that have helped transform the mobility and energy industries improving work and home quality.

Techniplas is among the first to combine traditional and additive manufacturing with embedded computing, actuating and deep learning capabilities that make new products and services possible for a connected world.

Ours is a race without a finish line that leverages our legacy and defines our future.

We Are Catalysts

We are a first mover catalyst to our customers, delivering mission-critical products at a pace and scale to enhance their market leadership.

Our deep experience, proven track record and global presence uniquely positions us to design, develop and deliver with unprecedented speed and quality for established and early-stage tech companies alike.

We Are Experts

We are experts at integrating traditional and exponential technologies into a single connected package.

Through sensors and deep learning we are generating and collecting valuable data by connecting vehicle parts, components and systems that previously were not part of the data eco-system.

We apply our knowledge throughout the entire development and manufacturing cycle, deploying exponential technologies first in our own factories, then with our suppliers, and ultimately directly into the vehicle.

We share knowledge and access new insights through our extensive partner network, which provides us the foresight and agility to guide our customers toward undiscovered opportunities.

We Are Innovators

We are passionate innovators, committed to rapidly embracing and infusing new technologies from the edge of our business to the core of our capabilities.

Through Techniplas® Digital, our innovation and transformation arm, we are developing and deploying new products, integrating advanced sensoring packages into our factories, building our own proprietary data platform, expanding our material science capabilities, and embedding additive 3-D printing into our prototyping and manufacturing operation.

We are fulfilling our vision and driving continuous value for our customers.

We are…Making the Connected World